Friday, January 25, 2013

Value Added Services (VAS)

All services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions which were provided by Telecommunication companies can be considered as Value Added Services. Also they are referred as non-core services. As its name implies it will simply add value to the standard services they provide. The ultimate goal of any company is to generate revenue. VAS plays a major role in generating revenue because it will increase the ARPU (Average revenue per user). Currently five mobile operators are there in Sri Lanka. Due to the high competition each and every operator tries to provide wide variety of services to their customers. Those unique services will differentiate the service providers and customers would like to get more services at their fingertips. In today’s world most of the new technologies and services becoming a reality inside the mobile devices. VAS team is there to try and make the network unique among others. In this section there are few sub sections which were handled by Engineers who are responsible of providing better services.

Few of the main VAS services: Web Patashala, BOOKHUB, Mobile TV, Magic Voice, PRBT (Phone Ring Back Tone), News Alerts, e-wallet, etc.I have explained few of services in this blog.