Friday, February 22, 2013


Generally a SWITCH is a piece of equipment which processes a call or any other subscriber requested activity. Basic function of a SWITCH is Routing and connecting two subscribers. Unlike in Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), in cellular networks subscriber can be anywhere in the world. So we need to process the request and route it to a proper destination.

SWITCH is also known as Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) in Mobile Telecommunication Network Architecture. In other words SWITCH Engineering section is responsible for Operation & Maintaining the Core Network (CN). Core network or Network Subsystem (NSS) connects subscribers together in a Cellular Network. These responsibilities differ from company to company. I have listed some general responsibilities of a SWICHING Team:
  •   Operation & Maintenance of SWITCH/MSC/NGN
  •   Operation & Maintenance of SDM/HLR
  •   SWITCH Planning
  •   IDD/ Roaming
  •   Customer Care Complaint
  •   Operation & Maintenance of IP/MPLS network
  •   Quality of Service (QoS), Key Performance Indicator (KPI) & Statistic Reporting
  •   Application Development
 In another company some of the above may be a responsibility of a separate division. But those are listed based on my current experience.