Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Abbreviations used in Telecommunication Industry

Here I have listed few Abbreviations that I came across during my training. 
ANC - Antenna Network Combiner
ARFCN - Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
BBH - Base Band Hopping
BCC - Base Station Color Code
BCCH - Broadcast Common Control Channel
BOI - Board of Investment
BSC - Base Station Controllers
BSIC - Base Station Identification Code
BSS - Base Station Substation
BTS - Base Transceiver Stations
CDR - Caller Detail Record
C/I - carrier over interfere
COW- Cell On Vehicle
CSR - Call Success Rate
DC- Dual Carrier
EIRP - Effective Isotropically Radiated Power
ETACS - Extended Total Access Communication System
FSL - Free Space Loss
GoS - Grade of Service
GPS - Global Positioning System
GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication
HLR - Home Location Registry
HO - Handover
HSN - Hopping Sequence Number
HSPA- High Speed Packet Access
IDD - International Direct Dialing
IDU - In Door Unit
IF - Intermediate Frequency
IN - Intelligent Network
IP- Internet Protocol
KPI - Key Performance Indicators
LA - Local Authority
LIU - Line Interface Unit
LTE - Long Term Evolution
MAI - Mobile Allocation Index
MAIO - Mobile Allocation Index Offset
MGW - Media Gateway
MIC - Milicom International Cellular
MIMO- Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output
MS - Mobile Station
MSC - Mobile Switching Centre
MW - Microwave
NAITA - National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority
NCC - Network Color Code
NGN - Next Generation Network
NOC - Network Operational Centre
NPO - Network Performance Optimizer
NSS - Network Subsystem
ODU - Out Door Unit
OMCCS - Operation and Maintenance Centre Circuit Switching
OMCP - Operation and Maintenance Control Processor
OMCR - Operation and Maintenances Centre – Radio
PAT - Preliminary Acceptance Test
PDH - Plesiochronus Digital Hierarchy
PRN- Provide Roaming Number
QoS - Quality of Service
RAN - Radio Access Network
RCF - Radio Control Function
RCP - Radio Switching Point
RFH - Radio Frequency Hopping
RNE - Radio Network Engineers
RNP - Radio Network Planning
Rx - Receive
SAR - Site Acquisition Request
SDCCH - Standard Dedicated Control Channel
SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SFH - Slow Frequency Hopping
SMSC - Short Message Service Center
SRI- Send Routing Information
SSP - Service Switching Point
SSW - Gigabit Ethernet Switch
SUM - Station Unit Module
TACS - Total Access Communication System
TC – Transcoder
TCH – Traffic/Voice Channel
TDM - Time Division Multiplexing
TIMSI- Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TRC - Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
TRE - Transceiver Equipment
TSS - Technical Site Survey
TTI- Transmission Time Interval
Tx - Transmit
UMTS- Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
VAS - Value Added Services
VLR - Visitor Location Registry
VoIP- Voice over IP
WCS - Wireless Call Server