Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fire Alarm System, Air Conditioning & Pest control

As the equipment works they get heated up. Air Conditioning system will limit the equipment temperature to an acceptable level. Inside temperature of the SWICHING Centre is monitored frequently. Fire  indicating sensors  were placed  inside;  if  they  are triggered  oxygen  is  removed  at once  and  inert  gas  (which  lies inside  the  cylinders)  will  be released instantly to stop the fire. If atleast  two  sensors  were 
triggered  due  to  fire  smoke detection; gasses released at a  high  pressure  (pressure  inside 
the  cylinder=  150  bar).  Because of  this agent release Hard  Disks  and  some other equipment may fail. 
Another  important  thing  is  pest control.  Due  to  pest  activity equipment and cables may get damaged. So pest controlling mechanisms should be adopted as well.